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. john harwood has the details. what's going on? >> not a whole lot of actions going on. although there have been some developments. let me bring our viewers up to date on those. first of all, treasury secretary geithner this afternoon announced the united states would hit the statutory debt limit on monday. that's new year's eve. that's part of an effort to pressure congress to act to raise the debt limit which may or may not be direct limb reply indicated in the fiscal cliff talks but it is relevant to the larger issue of debt and deficits. the treasury can move money around in certain ways to extend the point where we actually reach a crisis for probably a couple of months. but this is an early warning sign. secondly, republicans in the house sent word to democrats in the senate, white house, it is your turn now. we acted to put off the fiscal cliff several months ago with a bill that without objection tend all of those bush tax rates into the future and would turn off the sequester by switching defense cuts over to domestic programs. democrats, of course have no intention of d
and for our entire economy. but the hour for immediate action is here. it is now. >> the president correctly says the time for immediate action is now. apparently not his immediate action, though, with the nation facing a crippling fiscal cliff in just three days, the president calls congressional leaders together and says, you fix it. no, he doesn't offer any new plan from the white house, no compromise. instead the president tells the senate to come up with a deal and the same senate that hasn't passed a budget in years. and the marks don't like it at all, 158 points now tanking and falling further in the after market and we'll have to see how asia opens on monday. it could be ugly. the headlines are falling fast and furious. we're all over it "the kudlow report" starts right now. >>> welcome. i'm michelle caruso-cabrera in for larry kudlow. a lot happened in just the last couple of hours. >> michelle, there's considerably more optimism after the white house meeting between the president and the four bipartisan leaders than there was earlier in the day. mitch mcconnell and harry reid say t
at the scenes, what the offender's actions were there at the school. for example, during the period of time that he was in the classrooms and shooting, what was his behavior like? was he frantic or frenzied, cool and calm, controlled and collected. that will tell us more about this personality. how do we get that kind of information? >> well, you have to go back and tra trace what this individual was doing. when you look at how he was dressed, this has been going on a long time. there has to be a lot of interviewing that is going to take place. what he was doing to figure out what his intension was. but why did he go through with it. they talk about as burger and so forth. what is your take? >> well, that is a greaeat question and i'm glad that you asked that. here is the test, did this visual know the nature and the quality of his behavior and did he know whether or not it was wrong. and my experience with these cases and my knowledge of what has been made public is this is an individual who engaged in long-term planning and who w carried out that plan in a thoughtful way. he knew what he
's hardly going to happen, but the american majority action, ama, is launching a #fireboehner campaign. how deep is this splintering? this always happens during tough negotiations. boehner i think is trying to rise above partisanship and get a deal. i think he's been very valiant. but sit going to take a toll on the gop internally? >> larry, i was at a very prominent conservative meeting in washington today, and you know who showed up? a congressman from kansas. he was booted off of his committee earlier today and he was very angry talking to conservative activists. here's why conservatives are angry. as this fiscal cliff negotiations continues, they think boehner is trying to warn conservatives about going against any kind of deal he cuts with the white house. so as a warning, boehner is saying i'm going to boot you off your committee if you go against something i do. a lot of conservatives don't like it when he plays hardball. they're going to continue to fight back just like senator demint is doing right now. >> but he's also going to lose some votes on the moderate side. a couple dozen
and violence and any actions we must take must begin inside the home and inside our hearts. >> and last night the nra broke its silence on the newtown tragedy saying it is prepared to take steps so that nothing like this ever happens again. no comment today from republican congressional leaders on the president's announcement. joe? >> okay, hampton. thank you very much. so our new gun control measures the solution. our next guest says not so fast. the rush to reduce the number of guns throughout could be very misguided. and don't forget larry's credo, free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity. "the kudlow report" is coming right back. ck. to the best vacation sp(all) the gulf! it doesn't matter which of our great states folks visit. mississippi, alabama, louisiana or florida, they're gonna love it. shaul, your alabama hospitality is incredible. thanks, karen. love your mississippi outdoors. i vote for your florida beaches, dawn. bill, this louisiana seafood is delicious. we're having such a great year on the gulf, we've decided to put aside our rivalry. now is the perfect time to
they approached affirmtive action with the black community. these are turn offs when you don't have a clear discussion what a low wage income earner needs. especially on this question because they have family members that are here illegally. larry that's not the major problem we're seeing today with the latino community and the hispanics especially those coming from mexico. this community of people of the last generation have come in and adopted this policy if you will that there's nothing wrong with government dependency. one question to say do they come in and work hard. they work hard and work hard at a low wage. they are open territory important the democrats to say let's unionize you and buy this message. until we -- let me finish. let me just finish -- >> i want to win 40% of them. the conversation about free markets and work and entrepreneurship is terrific. don't go on welfare, don't be dependent on government, go to work. >> but that's not what we're seeing. look at the data. you won't get 40% if they buy this idea of collectivism and socialism and this community of people polled v
't think any republican does either. >> the club for both and the heritage action log has come out very much against that. that's a call to arms to republicans. that's not good. that's going to stall things out some more. >> right. >> let me ask you about the final one. there's a $13 billion -- $13 billion item here for mitigation of future disasters. mitigation, i don't know what that means. that is not direct aid to the people who need it in new york and new jersey. $13 billion for mitigation. what in the heck does that mean? >> you presume that's actually spending to prevent damage in the future. but again, that's the type of spending that should be looked at in a budget process. in the light of day. and really offset against other things that would be lower priority. this is where congress really ought to be acting, prioritizing spending. and if that ends up being judged to be a high-priority item, we've got to find spending that's a lower priority item that won't be spent because we can't keep deficit spending the way we've been doing for the last four years. >> we'll leave it ther
would have taken action and it's two days until sunday and the house has aked and we passed hr-8 which was a clean extension for every american and the senate doesn't agree with us and all we get from harry reid, you saw a fiery rhetoric which doesn't only do good for the markets and it doesn't do good for main street businesses and individuals that are worried about what's going to happen on january 1. we don't need rhetoric out of the senate and the houses worked its will and the houses passed its will and we passed sequestration. >> with all due respect and listen, you and i are on the same side of the aisle. this country doesn't have a revenue problem. this country has a spending problem, but our side lost. i have posed a question to democrats and the question to republicans. to democrats i said, listen, what if republicans woke up tomorrow and passed tackes on everybody that you wanted to pass taxes on, would you at a minimum, means tax medicare for millionaires and the vast majority said no and to republicans i say, listen, what if the democrats had an epiphany and said represent
to them. >> his recent actions suggest that the answer is no. and that is he going his own way. >> i hope she is right. everyone that you can think of is that the people who prevailed is that the people who are the most organized are the most ruthless. i want to ask you about the role of al qaeda in iraq and in jordon. could this spread to iraq? >> i think they have nothing to do with each other. it is wrong. they are two different cultures. they are a million years away from each other. let protesters are civil enough not to become violent. you saw the soldiers and the police men. they let them say what they wanted. and the us aid. and here the government has a major role because we give $1.4 billion to the government. we tell him. look, there is a set of conditions we want the transition and you have to understand that human's rights have to be republican respected listen. because he needs that money. >> i want to raise this issue. a lot of people are talking about al qaeda and jordon. >> you didn't get the memo that al qaeda is on the path to defeat. you have these folks on the march.
actions are telling investors you'd be a fool to commit capital to new ideas because if you're lucky enough to get returns down the line, they'll come back and cheapen the dollars. that's why this is going to be qe infinity because we'll never get to a true 6.5% unemployment rate. >> what should he do, john? >> monetary policy should be about one thing, stabilizing the value of the dollar. the dollar is a measure. it's not an economic input. if you stabilize the value of the dollar, you are going to get real economic growth. anything sells going to distort economic activity and make us much more worse off. >> it's all gone to the big banks, the trading commodities, they're trading current say, lot of it goes overseas, john. i mean, if it was going to work, it would have worked. i guess that's still my point. >> it would have worked long ago and we have to remember if the dollar is the most important price in the world, and it is, the second most important price in the world is the cost of credit. it's how we allocate capital, it's how many we match borrowers and savers. the problem w
is waiting to see if we drive off the cliff. they're taking action right away. deals are being done to sell companies. stocks, homes, dividends, almost anything to avoid a big tax wallop after the first of the year. you see, folks, as i've said for so long, taxes do matter. later on we're going to tell you exactly why. first up the president place santa claus. white house press secretary finds spending cuts deeply irresponsible. for all this and more joining us now is katie pavlich. what speaker john boehner has always said, a dollar tax increase, a dollar spending cuts. >> president obama who jay carney represents during his daily press briefings at the white house wants an unlimited debt limit. he wants no debt ceiling on the amount of money that he can spend. so jay carney is taking shots at john boehner who has said look it's not a serious discussion about how we're going to solve the fiscal problem unless of course we match spending cuts to the number of dollars we increase in the debt limit. >> do you think that could pass congress in all seriousness? no more debt limit? no more power
started by american majority action called fire boehner has been trending on twitter. . but there's really not one wit of serious evidence that mr. boehner has any problems holding on to his speakership or even conservative leaders in the house. here now to try to make this weak case is ron meyer. ron, first of all, i want to say that i commend john boehner for his valiant attempts to stop the fiscal cliff and to make a deal without giving up growth principles. but when you say conservatives don't support boehner, what is eric cantor, what is paul ryan? what is jeb henesling if he's not a conservative? what is tom price if he's not a conservative? what exactly are you smoking? the top conservatives in the house support boehner. >> well, i actually don't think that somebody like tom price would if he has his choice of who he could pick out of everyone. we should have the power of self-determination. we shouldn't get seniority decide, this person should be the next person -- >> look. he is running the house. he's the speaker of the house. you confuse that with running the conservative moveme
out and the country goes where we think it will go, newton was right. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. but this half game of pausing things this way, it means nothing. we should take a lesson on branding from the democrats because they're great at it. >> katie, i'm an old ronald reagan jack kemp guy. i believe in inclusion and economic growth and empowerment and economic opportunity, and when mitt romney said he wanted self-deportation for latinos, i just kind of turned my stomach. the gop's got to have a broader, wider message, katie. latins, asians, immigrants. what's wrong with that? they made the country great. it's part of growth story. don't they have to rebrand there also? >> yes, i think that republicans definitely need to talk about immigration in a different way. we want legal immigrants to come into this country, immigrants tend to be very entrepreneurial and they have a lot to add to this country. and so we need to welcome that and we need to create opportunities for smart hard working individuals to fit into this country and talk about that and at th
are taking concrete actions to avoid the fiscal cliff. absent a balanced offer from the president, this is our nation's best option, and senate democrats should take up both of these measures immediately. >> of course, democrats have no intention of doing that. they have an entirely different krun construction on what's happened with plan b since negotiations blew's a few daysation. on the budget committee, came out saying it was a waste of time with the clock ticking. >> we are engaged here in the house on this floor today in what has become a ridiculous political stunt which will actually take us much closer as a country to going over the fiscal cliff. >> the question's going to be, larry, of course, can negotiations resume after this happens? senate says they won't even take this up, the plan b, if it passes, as house leaders say it will tonight. the question is, what are we going to have -- private negotiations between the speaker and president over the weekend? will members come back and have something to pass or in fact go over the cliff and everyone see the consequences. de
. >> that was in action until 2004. i would amend it and continue it, no the to cover all semiautomatic rifles because some of them are relatively docile weapons by comparison to what i'm talking about. i'm talking about these ar-15s, which with the high-capacity magazines and we saw them at aurora, the movie theater, the oregon shopping mall, and now we saw them in an elementary school. they're capable of firing if you have a magazine of 30, 30 bullets in a few seconds or even 100 in less than a minute. and, you know, this, make no bones about this, larry. the guy that went up to that school, adam lanza, he had enough bullets, enough magazines to eliminate the entire school. >> why do we need that? this is a question i have. i mean, i would get rid of the semiautomatic or narrow it down to extremely, extremely narrow stuff. but, again, why do we need these huge magazines? why do we need 100 bullets that sort of thing? why do hunters need that? >> why would a hunter need to have 100 magazine? what do they want to do? take a deer and destroy it completely? is that the sport? is that the fun? i thought
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15